Thasos , the emerald island

Thasos is the northest island of the Aegean sea and Greece. The capital of Thasos is Thasos town or Limenas. Thasos has an area of 378,84 square kilometers and a 115 km coastline.


Thasos has mostly sandy beaches with clean and shallow crystal water. The most famous beaches are Golden beach, Paradise beach, Aliki beach, Marble beach or Saliara and also there is the famous natural swimming pool Giola.


Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a seaside village named after its famous Golden beach. It is also called Skala Panagia because it the port of the mountain village Panagia. It is located 12 km away from the main port and capital of Thasos, Limenas. Golden beach  is a 3 km sandy beach with crystal waters which is awarded a blue flag.

During the past decades it has become one of the most touristic villages on the island.

Our rooms are located within walking distance of the Golden Beach




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